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Outstanding 2010 Judgement by Inspectors

Posted Wednesday, 23 March 2011.

Ofsted have reviewed the recent data on Hillcrest School and Community College and have confirmed it to be meeting its last judgement of outstanding, as over the last three years examination results have dramatically increased.

The Principal, Mrs April Garratt, said, "we are delighted that inspectors have recognised the increase in attainment over the last few years and that they are confident in the outstanding standards being achieved here".

Copy of letter sent to parents/carers from Ofsted:

Dear Parent/Carer

The Hillcrest School and Community College: Ofsted's interim assessment

I am pleased to provide some important information about Hillcrest School and Community College.

As you may know, during its last inspection in January 2007, Ofsted inspectors judged your child's school to be outstanding. Schools which are performing well are now inspected less often than other schools.

Some outstanding schools are inspected after three years; others may have their inspections put back. To help decide whether we can with longer than three years before undertaking a full inspection of an outstanding school, such as your child's Her Majesty's Inspectors look at various sources of information, as listed below. This is called an 'interim assessment'.

The results of the interim assessment

In carrying our the interim assessment, we consider the following:
  • pupils' academic performance
  • pupils' attendance
  • any visits carried out by Ofsted since the last inspection
  • complaints about the school by parents or carers
  • any other significant issues brought to Ofsted's attention

I am pleased to inform you that our interim assessment show that the school's performance has been sustained and that we can defer its next full inspection.

As a result, the next full inspection will not take place any earlier than January 2012 unless we receive information in the course of the coming year that causes us to inspect earlier. The timing of subsequent inspections will depend on any changes that the government will introduce in legislation in the autumn.

I wish everyone involved in the school continued success in the coming year.

Yours sincerely,
Christine Gilbert

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