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Good sleep routines for everybody

Everyone needs enough sleep to maintain a healthy mind and body, and in order to feel ready for work in the morning. Regularly having insufficient sleep can lead to a lack of concentration, depression, stress and weaker immunity from illness. Pupils (and their parents!) can follow these tips for getting plenty of rest:

  • Go to the bed at the same time each night.
  • Have a good routine before bed time. Don't play video games or watch television just before sleeping. Try having a relaxing bath, reading a book or listening to quiet, relaxing music before bed time.
  • If there is something on television you want to watch, record it. Don't watch television in bed!
  • Do homework when you get home, not late in the evening.
  • Don't drink caffine drinks (such as coffee or energry drinks) after about 6.00pm.
  • Don't have a heavy meal before going to bed.
  • Don't snooze in the evening. Napping during the evening can result in you not feeling tired at bed time.
  • Make sure the bedroom is dark enough for you to sleep comfortably.
  • Make sure the bedroom is quiet enough not to interrupt sleep. If you are disturbed by occasional noises you could try using "white noise" (such as the noise generated by a fan). Continual, low-level "white noise" can sometimes help to block out other sounds.
  • Do regular exercise (though not just before bed time).

Further advice and information

If you or your child are regularly finding it difficult to sleep then your GP or NHS Direct may be able to help.

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