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Term Arrangements

Term Arrangements

School will close for the summer holidays on Tuesday 25 July 2017 at 12.10pm.  Packed lunches will be available for pupils who are entitled to a free school meal.

Hillcrest will re-open for ALL pupils on Wednesday 06 September 2017.  Wednesday will be a staggered return for pupils in the school.  Year groups will return at the following times:

Year 7 - 8.50am
Year 8 - 9.30am
Year 9 - 10.00am
Year 10 - 10.30am
Year 11 - 11.30am

All school policies, including the School Uniform and Behaviour Policy, and next year's school dates are available here.

Can I remind you that attendance and punctuality is vital. We expect your child to attend school at all times and it is your legal responsibility as a parent/carer to make sure they do. If your child is ill you should telephone the school office before 10.00am.  The absence slip located in your child's planner must be completed and returned to the attendance administrator upon their return. Holidays in term time are not authorised but may be considered under exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Principal. Unauthorised holidays may trigger an investigation by the Education Investigation Service.

I thank you for your continued support in helping us to develop and maintain our high standards at Hillcrest School and Community College. I wish you an enjoyable summer break.

Yours faithfully

Mrs A Garratt