Hillcrest School and Community College

Welcome to Hillcrest

Hello and welcome. Thank you for your interest in Hillcrest School and Community College. In order for you to appreciate the culture and ethos of the school I would like to take this opportunity to outline some of our values and expectations that make Hillcrest an outstanding school.

At Hillcrest there is an expectation that students will learn in a disciplined and caring environment. Our focus is on achievement and high standards. Students will achieve where there is good behaviour and respect for each other. We do not tolerate rudeness, bullying and poor behaviour which prevents others from learning. Parents and our local community support these values which may be called traditional but we believe are correct.

As Principal I have a passionate belief in a child’s right to education in a good school. Hillcrest has dedicated teaching staff that are highly-qualified and experienced; it is their contribution that helps make Hillcrest what it is. The school is committed to continuing its investment in the recruitment, retention and development of the best teachers and support staff. It is only through them that we can deliver the best results for our students, their parents and the wider community.


Mrs April Garratt MA BEd(Hons)

Many of our students have the academic ability to go to university but at Hillcrest we are committed to ensuring that there are high aspirations for every student. We expect every student to achieve to their highest potential during lessons, in the many extra curricular activities and during homework time. The curriculum we offer is designed to develop strengths and support needs and to celebrate a full range of achievements and attainments which build upon the ability of every child.

At Hillcrest we recognise the role we have to play in the development of the individual; their character, attitude and the contribution they can make to their own local community. We are committed to working towards every child being healthy, feeling safe, enjoying and achieving at school, wanting to make a positive contribution, and having the ability to achieve economic well-being. We believe this will foster positive attitudes to lifelong learning for students, their families and the wider community.

Visitors to Hillcrest describe our students as polite, courteous, smart and well behaved. Our students respect their school and I am exceptionally proud of our achievements. We welcome students and parents who share our values and expectations and who wish to be part of this success.